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Ecosystem and Scale

ecosystem and scale

Sales Strategy 

We help companies to determine an individual sales strategy, adapted to their specific needs. Considering individual sectors, segments and market conditions, sales strategies might have a completely different base and priorities. At the beginning a clear analysis of the market and competition is essential to identify the desired clientele, define growth targets and to work out implementation strategies.

System & Instruments

The basics for sales are perfect support from IT systems and analytic tools. We analyize  the relevant conditions and adjust these to the market and the management needs as well as defining the IT-requirements.

Sales Performance

The controlling plays an important role when managing a sales department. RE|EN|FU supports customers to individually define the correct key figures as well as the ideal number of the same in order to select the corresponding cockpit – or software solutions accordingly.  This is necessary to manage sales successfully.

Sales Excellence:

improve the performance of your sales department

SALE stands for permanent challenge and adaptation on actual market conditions. Routine sneaks even into sales organizations being successful for years. RE|EN|FU disposes of a methodology to support the experienced teams in view of the optimization of sales on various channels.

Organization & Processes

In many enterprises grown organisational structures are common and are not adjusted to the actual market conditions. We support you starting  the fine grinding in terms of customer and market requirements of your sales organization to your entire new (sales) strategy.

On request we shall analyize and optimize your processes with you.

Multi Channel Management

Multi Channel Management deals with online business as well as the question in general, if the used sales channels starting from the set up match with the company. We support you regarding the general question on the set up of a multi channel sales structure.
If corresponding conflicts between sales channels, company and distributors take place,  we act as mediators in a neutral manner taking advantage of our professional experience. 

Key Account Management

In the field of account management clients are distinguished according to size, turnover and/or strategic priority in different care units. These shall be accustomed by a call center, account manager or a team. Considering the size an own PL for the customer service could make sense.  Specific clients might even ask for this status. There is hardly a difference to a „normal“ customer when looking at the sales approach. Professional key account management is capable to offer considerably more and follows the  integral approach to realize the maximum potential.